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Amy Brummit

Amy has spent several seasons working in Antarctica at both McMurdo Station and Palmer Station, where she supported scientific research for the United States Antarctic Program. Wintering at McMurdo Station and experiencing 24-hours of darkness and -60°F temperatures, she found a true passion for the polar regions and is devoted to sharing this with others.

Amy worked many years as an environmental contractor for the National Marine Fisheries Service. She provided biological research and support while living on board vessels, monitoring sensitive marine habitats and mitigating for protected species. Through education and global outreach, she has taught about marine wildlife and environmental and conservation efforts both domestically and internationally.

She has spent time as a research assistant and whale naturalist in the Gulf of Maine and has taught outdoor education at the university level. She is licensed with the Maine Department of Inland Fishers & Wildlife and this led to guiding numerous hiking and sea kayaking trips in Acadia National Park. Her love of guiding adventure expeditions steered her to many years in and around Teton National Park, educating visitors on the park history and its ecosystem.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Amy is regularly found guiding white water rafting and sea kayaking trips, trekking and mountain climbing around the world, or working as a US Coast Guard civilian boat captain. She has traveled to over 100 countries and has lived and taught internationally in Africa, Asia and South America.