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Andrew Atkin

After more than thirty-five years work in various technical, teaching and research roles in an Australian university, Andrew is now happily released from full-time work. His research interests promoted a love of the Australian outback and a passion for overseas travel, often using bird studies as a prompt to visit wild and interesting overseas destinations. He was also instrumental in developing and maintaining a long-running program that connected environmental educators in Australia with academics and postgraduate students of the Pranakorn Rhajabat University in Bangkok.

Andrew was first drawn to Antarctica in 1999 by his interest in research and management of natural communities, especially birdlife. His interest in the scientific work on expeditions of the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration prompted further southern trips to the Ross Sea region, the Antarctic Peninsula and the French and Australian sectors. Visits to the century old base huts of Scott, Shackleton, Mawson and Borchgrevink ignited his passion for Antarctic history and led to his doctoral studies on the history of research into terrestrial magnetism on pioneering expeditions that combined exploration with science. 

Andrew also has a keen interest in the history of the explorations made by square-rigged sailing vessels and has crewed on the replica of James Cook’s ship, HMB Endeavour. When not at sea Andrew can be found exploring the natural world of the Australian outback, sailing near home on Sydney Harbour or fettling his land rover. He’s still working to perfect his home-brew recipe for Irish stout.