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Angelica Bas Gomez

Originally from the Mediterranean coast of Murcia, Spain, Angelica Bas Gomez is a marine and environmental scientist and diver with a passion for understanding the behavior of animals in their natural habitats. With a Masters in Coastal and Marine Management from the University Centre of the Westfjords and a BSc in Animal Behavior from the University of Exeter, Angelica has developed a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics within marine ecosystems and the intricate behaviors of creatures on land, in the sea, and even through the air.

Her commitment to animal behavior research has led her to diverse environments, from the vibrant Mediterranean Sea, contributing to marine conservation, to the forests of Senegal, tracking and analyzing the behaviors of wild chimpanzees. Her scientific journey continued in the icy waters of Iceland, where she has employed ROVs, sonars, and diving techniques to map and preserve its underwater heritage.
Angelica is currently part of the Cartagena Oceanographic Research Institute (CORI), where her work varies from monitoring Marine Protected Areas, use of underwater robotics in marine research, to engaging the public through citizen science initiatives.
As part of the Expedition Team, Angelica is eager to share her passion and expertise with fellow explorers, turning every expedition into an opportunity for discovery and deeper understanding of our planet's extraordinary life.

My upcoming expeditions

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Jul 4 2024
Jul 18 2024

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Jul 13 2024
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