Assistant Expedition Leader

Anja Henselmans

Born and raised in The Netherlands between the tulips and the windmills, Anja started working right after high school. Sales, customer services, human resources… as long as it had to do with people.  A backpacking trip through Australia, New Zealand and Thailand as a 20-year-old made Anja realize that traveling would steal her heart permanently.

Her first job on a cruise ship in 2006 felt like coming home. Working on a cruise ship allows Anja to combine her two true passions: working with people and traveling the globe. Norway, Panama, Japan, Australia, Antarctica… so many beautiful places and faces around the world; she has loved every minute of it.  Working on expeditions even fits her favorite hobby of photography. Adding value to Lindblad-National Geographic guests’ shipboard experiences is Anja’s top priority and committing her organizational skills, enthusiasm and service-oriented attitude gives her great pleasure.

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