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Brandon Berry

Born and raised in California, Brandon has always been close to the ocean. He has made a career as an environmental scientist with years of experience in environmental research and consulting. The majority of his time is spent in the field whether it be on, in, or under the water. He began SCUBA diving at the age of 18, and it has remained an important part of his life ever since. He began diving professionally after receiving his divemaster certification in Thailand. Looking to combine his passion for diving with his career in environmental science, he became an AAUS certified research diver. His work has taken him from warm tropical reefs to the brisk waters of the Pacific.

After countless time spent working and playing underwater, he began to document the underwater world through photography. He thoroughly enjoys the challenge and rewards of taking a camera diving and capturing the foreign world below the surface. Through his images and stories of life underwater, he hopes to inspire others to share in his passion for the ocean.

When he is not diving for work, he is diving for fun… preferably somewhere with sunshine and palm trees. The ocean is his home away from home, and he is always looking forward to his next underwater adventure. Every dive is different, you never know what you will see down there.