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Caleb Little

Caleb Little is a classic nature lover. He was born and raised in the Great White North in Canada’s newest Capital City, Iqaluit, Nunavut just 3 degrees South of the Arctic Circle. Much of his upbringing included lots of camping and hunting time but also time on farms in the Eastern-Maritimes in Canada. Being half Inuk and half Irish-Canadian, Caleb has a unique perspective of the relationships between the peoples’ of the Arctic and Southern Canada. He has traveled to every part of the Country and as an opportunist, will always jump onboard a trip to another part of the world. With his lengthy experience in the criminal justice system as a Deputy Sheriff, Caleb has also traveled to all parts of his home territory, Nunavut, to conduct various types of work.

He is a new father to a daughter and strives to be an active father while working on his side-business as a local professional photographer. If ever you are interested in a new outdoor winter sport Caleb is a certified Kite-ski instructor with the ability to get you going, safely and effectively, on skis or a snowboard powered by the wind! Caleb has experience in the professional media industry as an editor/director for a children’s show. In the future, he plans to build a portfolio of nature and educational documentaries and entertainment videos as well as his wedding, nature, and abstract photography.

You’ll find that he is a keen hiker, knowledgeable of the Arctic and will continue to share his joy and excitement for nature in its purest form.