Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Carlos Garrandes

Despite being raised in the center of Spain, Carlos has always been drawn towards the sea. He started diving as soon as he could get his license when he turned 14 and has not stopped since. At University Complutense of Madrid, he earned his degree in History and, soon after, moved to the UK to pursue a Masters degree in Maritime Archaeology; it was the perfect opportunity to combine his love for the sea and his academic interests. He then continued his research career through a PhD focused on the history of Azorean whaling and recent changes in the use of whaleboats.

After completing his PhD, Carlos decided to dedicate his time to fieldwork, living and working internationally in underwater archaeological projects in Spain, Lebanon, the UK and Portugal. Through these projects he has had the chance to explore the archaeology of multiple regions and time periods; from 2.000-year-old Roman wrecks to World War II landing sites.

Currently, Carlos is based back in Spain. Whenever he is not underwater, he can be found either in the mountains, mostly hiking and rock climbing, or, more recently, enjoying a cup of tea while trying to develop his creative writing skills.

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