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Deirdre Mitchell

Deirdre Mitchell grew up exploring the mountains of her home country of Scotland and immersing herself in its history and culture. This love of the past led her to study for an M.A. in Scottish history at the University of St. Andrews, where she studied everything from the medieval history of Scotland to the art history of Europe! She then went on to gain a graduate degree in Museum and Gallery Studies, before spending a year as a trainee curator at the Museum of the University of St Andrews. 

Having completed her studies and training, Deirdre decided it was time for an adventure. She applied for the position of curator at the South Georgia Museum on the remote sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, and quickly fell in love with all things polar. This was the start of an exciting career change which saw her begin working for Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic in Antarctica and for the British Antarctic Survey at their research stations in Antarctica and on South Georgia, all while continuing to work in museums back home in Scotland! Recently she finally reunited these two passions by returning to the South Georgia Museum in the position of Museum Director. Deirdre now divides her time between the Scottish Highland capital of Inverness and the island of South Georgia, meaning she enjoys year-round summers!