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Diego Pol

Paleontologist Diego Pol is head of the science department at the Egidio Feruglio paleontology museum in Patagonia, Argentina. Diego has worked on multiple international projects and published over 90 papers on fossils from Patagonia, South Africa, Madagascar, Colombia, Brazil, Mongolia, and China. During the last ten years Diego’s research has focused on the remarkable animal biodiversity of the dinosaur era preserved in Patagonia. Diego and his research team have recently discovered fossils of over 20 new species of dinosaurs, crocs, and other vertebrates, revealing new chapters in the history of Patagonia’s past ecosystems. This includes the discovery of the largest known dinosaur so far, the titanosaur Patagotitan, a 122-feet long herbivore estimated to weigh 70 tons. He earned his doctorate at Columbia University in 2005 and worked at the American Museum of Natural History.