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Douglas Kenck-Crispin

Doug Crispin is a historian who honed his craft at Portland State University (Hist. BA, MA) in Portland, Oregon. A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, he has been captivated by the exploits of exploration since he was a boy, and he has continued his professional career with that same infatuation. He is a filmmaker, journalist, and historical consultant who loves sharing the stories he discovers.

Doug relishes researching documents at regional archives and burrowing through the back of musty used bookstores, but nothing compares to voyaging the same historic terrain, and seeing the sights as our predecessors saw them, from the perspective of the water line and beyond. Whether in Lewiston, Idaho, or Santiago, Chile, Doug likes to explore local breweries, wineries, and restaurants noted for their regional cuisines, so be sure to ask him for a recommendation!

A seasoned traveler, Doug has extensively explored Southeast Asia, South America, and most recently, Belgium. When not investigating historic sites up and down the Columbia and Snake, Inland Passage, Antarctic, and all points beyond, you'll find him at his cabin on Puget Sound, shucking oysters, reading history books, and trying to figure out where D.B. Cooper stashed all that dough.

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