Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Ed Jenkins

Ed was born in Iowa but raised in Indiana helping on the family dairy farm. He was genuinely curious about the world around him from the very beginning as his first words were not “mommy” or “daddy,” but “what’s that?”

His love for travel and exploration began with philanthropic works around various Caribbean islands in his high school years. Now, he has spent the majority of his adult life working between the bar and cruise industries on a mission to explore as much of the world as possible.

Ed’s passion for travel has taken him to 25 countries, living prolonged periods of time in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and, most recently, Roatan, Honduras. It was in Roatan where he gained his PADI specialty dive instructor certification while working with the Bay Island Reef Restoration organization. He assisted the program by planting coral patches with the resort guests. He also worked with his dive partner separately to map and monitor the growth and overall health of the coral plantings. After leaving Roatan, he worked for a dive live-aboard in Kona, Hawaii leading guests on multiple dives each day, showing them the beauty beneath the Hawaiian waters.

Aside from travel and scuba, Ed also has a love for photography. By further researching his subjects, he has used his photography as a way to learn more about the natural world. He also actively uses his photography in citizen science efforts, supporting programs like Happy Whale and the Alaskan Whale Foundation by providing valuable identifying photos and location information.

Ed is excited to be able to share his passion for the natural world, both above and below the water, with you!