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Jesse Humbert

Jefferson (Jesse) Humbert grew up on Mt. Hood in Oregon, spending much of his time exploring the natural world.  Throughout his undergraduate education Jesse focused on Biology, Education and Spanish while exploring Argentina and Spain. 

During his summers Jesse found work as a cave diver, mapping submerged cave systems in Mexico and showing visitors the amazing whale sharks found off the coast of Cancun. He also worked as a white-water rafting, mountaineering and climbing guide throughout Bend, Oregon. After finishing his undergraduate degrees and research on the Giant Pacific Octopus, Jesse completed his Masters in Marine Biology.  His thesis focused on understanding a small octopus found in Puget Sound.  After designing an underwater camera system capable of tracking and distinguishing individual octopuses, Jesse changed the way we view the behavior of this species. As an avid naturalist and passionate adventurer Jesse is thrilled to share his appetite and familiarity of the natural world, with the Lindblad family.