Assistant Expedition Leader

Jessica Tinker

An insatiable curiosity and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world have led Jess Tinker to a life of exploration. That spirit has allowed her to work in diverse fields from animal behavior research, software, and wilderness therapy to filmmaking and remote science and expedition coordinating in Antarctica. In everything she does, Jess loves to make order out of chaos and have a good time doing it.

Having an academic background in cognitive science, Jess is also deeply interested in the intersection of our minds and the environment and believes in the transformational effects of experiencing that connection. Her interest in this field has led her to develop perspectives on the link between nature and the human mind, which she brings to her work with Lindblad.

Even though she is a southern girl from Georgia, Jess loves to rough it in the cold, or any extreme environment - especially if there is a good view. Most recently living in Tucson, Arizona, she spends her time hiking up steep things or rock climbing in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, riding her bike in a summer rain, and waving to cactuses thinking they're people.

My upcoming expeditions

Exploring British Columbia and the San Juan Islands

Sep 30 2023
Oct 7 2023
Oct 14 2023

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Nov 28 2023
Dec 8 2023
Dec 18 2023