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Jimmy White

Jimmy has been coordinating education and research teams for national universities, international non-government organizations, and documentary companies for more than 10 years. Jimmy’s expertise lies in the coordination and implementation of field education and remote area research.

As a marine biologist, Jimmy has dedicated his life to understanding and conserving the marine environment. Jimmy’s doctoral research examined the use of marine protected areas to conserving sharks and rays in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area for which he was recognized as a future leader of research and award Smart State Fellowship.

In a world first, Jimmy recently tagged whales with satellite transmitters while swimming with them. This research was groundbreaking because it employed a new technique of tagging and it uncovered the mystery of the dwarf minke whale’s migration in Australian and sub-Antarctic waters. Jimmy has been on expeditions to track tigers in the Sumatran jungle, anthrax on the Etosha plain, live with seals in the Southern Ocean, and uncover desert vipers in the Middle East.

Jimmy’s work with award-winning documentary teams from the BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic have put him up close and personal with some of the world’s most dangerous creatures—if it bites, stings, crawls, or swims Jimmy has been at its pointy end.