Assistant Expedition Leader

Johanna Werminghausen

Johanna grew up landlocked in a small town in Southern Germany. She realized at an early age that she wanted to see more of the world than the foot of the Swabian Alps and every year, she would beg her parents to spend the summers near the sea.

As soon as she finished her high school education, Johanna packed her bags and took off on an exciting journey around the world. She spent a year exploring foreign cultures, countries, and oceans, which deepened her passion for travel, her desire to meet interesting people, and her longing to learn more about nature’s secrets and the world in general.

To further her knowledge of the natural world, Johanna earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in biology. She worked as a research assistant in Australia and Palau for many years before pursuing a career scuba diving within the tourism industry.

Johanna began working for Lindblad Expeditions as a divemaster and transitioned into the role of assistant expedition leader in early 2016. Her top priority is to enhance the shipboard experience for all guests and to offer many unforgettable expeditions, which she does through her organizational skills, friendly nature, enthusiasm, and love for sharing her passion for nature and adventure with others.