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Jonathan Reid

Jonny started out life in the West coast of England and was often found searching through rock pools down at the beach while walking the dog. His passion for marine life continued to grow and he decided to pursue a career in marine biology, where he eventually completed his BSc in Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management. With a keen interest in learning new fieldwork techniques, he spent the next 5 years working on numerous projects around the world and developed a strong passion for marine mammal acoustics.

Eager to advance his understanding of marine mammals, Jonathan returned to university to complete a MSc in Marine Mammal Science at St Andrews, Scotland. From there he has been involved in large scale acoustic and visual line transect surveys for marine mammals to determine distribution and estimate populations sizes in both the Mediterranean Sea and the East coast waters of the United States.

He currently splits his time between the Lake District, North West England and the Isle of Mull, Scotland where he can be often found hiking the hills with a camera in hand or paddleboarding along the spectacular coastline the Isle of Mull has to offer.

My upcoming expeditions

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Nov 10 2024
Nov 20 2024
Nov 30 2024
Jan 1 2025
Jan 31 2025