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Josh McInnes

Josh is a Canadian ecologist who grew up on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. He studied marine biology and ecology with a focus in marine mammals, food web, and community dynamics at the University of Victoria.

For 17 years Josh has been studying killer whales, which has led him to studies abroad in remote locations off British Columbia, Washington, Alaska, California, Australia, and South Africa. Currently Josh resides seasonally in Monterey Bay, California where he is the research coordinator at Marine Life Studies a non-profit organization that studies the marine mammals of the area. He is also a member of the North Indian Ocean Killer Whale Alliance, a lead researcher at Killer Whales Australia, and a scientific advisor at Ocean Sanctuaries in San Diego. Josh also conducts research on coral reef population dynamics in the South Pacific, where he identifies and measures coral recruits at the University of Victoria.

His passion for ocean sciences and years of dedicated field work created special opportunities. Josh has presented research and lectured on ocean sciences at prestigious organizations like the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, American Cetacean Society, Whale Trail, University of Victoria, Camosun College, and the Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, Washington. He also guided in Southeast Alaska and British Columbia as a guest scientist for over a decade.

Josh is a strong believer in citizen science and education, and writes articles pertaining to ocean sciences for the Compass Vancouver Island.