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Juan Arias

Juan Arias is a Colombia-based visual artist and National Geographic Explorer whose work has been exhibited around the world, including in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Switzerland. His artistic approach is rooted in the idea that visual language is intrinsic to humanity—that people can express themselves through images, much like they do through writing or speech. Believing strongly in the power of art to inspire reflection and action, he uses his work to collaboratively showcase community and cultural expressions.

Over the course of his career, Juan has traveled throughout Latin America in support of various projects. In Perú and Costa Rica, he used photography education to engage communities in cultural and wildlife conservation. On a remote Colombian island in the Caribbean Sea, he amplified the voices of those safeguarding an endemic lizard species. In the Chocó rainforest of Colombia, he empowered female-led initiatives to protect turtles, and in the Amazon jungle, he supported efforts organized by the indigenous peoples to protect monkeys.

My upcoming expeditions

Upper Amazon Aboard the Delfin II

Sep 20 2025
Sep 27 2025