Assistant Expedition Leader

Julia Halloum

Though Julia was raised in the middle of a city, she was strongly enamored with the wild, natural things of the world from the very beginning. Much of her childhood was spent trudging along the wetlands of the Mississippi River Valley searching for signs of beavers, listening for toads, and collecting leaves and flowers. She even harbored her own insectarium filled with little creatures she discovered in her urban Minneapolis backyard, such as ladybugs, centipedes, caterpillars, and other poor, unsuspecting insects. (She now has greater respect for the sovereignty of all living things and would never promote such blatant imprisonment).

This curiosity for the natural world eventually helped deviate her life from any sort of normalcy to the path of working aboard Lindblad’s smaller vessels as a steward. This transient lifestyle opened the door for Julia to further her work in nature-oriented tourism in regions such as the Alaska Range, New Zealand, and Patagonian Chile. These experiences have strengthened Julia’s logistical experience in all things adventure travel and have wonderfully brought her back to the ocean as your Assistant Expedition Leader.

While not on the ships, Julia finds herself at home surrounded by wild, natural things a bit further from the city. She currently resides in a little town on Blackfeet Tribal land in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains where she can fulfill her dreams of floating in mountain lakes, alpine tanning, hiking, and wildflower admiring.