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Justin Hofman

Justin started working on expedition ships in 2008 after realizing that his new career in scientific illustration meant too much time inside. He has since worked aboard expedition vessels in numerous countries and filmed wildlife for major production companies in a variety of ecosystems. In 2016, he caught lightning in a bottle when he photographed a tiny seahorse holding onto a pink Q-tip in the blue waters of Indonesia. The image has been seen by millions online and in print.


Justin's ability to anticipate animal behavior and compose beautiful images has earned him several awards for his cinematography. Sir David Attenborough has narrated Justin's footage and his images have been projected on the headquarters of the United Nations. Justin is 1 of 10 people in history to dive in Antarctica's ice-covered Lake Untersee, and the 1st dive team to use technical dive equipment (rebreathers) in the frozen lake. Filming is often isolating and difficult, so Justin splits his time working as a guide on expedition ships where he specializes in marine ecosystems and large-scale ecological processes. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm and stories with inquisitive travelers and relishes in quiet moments in wild places.