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Kasper Jaeger

Kasper is a city boy, born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has always known that his place on Earth, was further north. The longing for wilderness and high mountains came early; in his early teens he went on his first weeklong trekking trip in the Norwegian mountains. He comes from a Greenland loving family and therefore, after finishing his first education, Kasper went to the Arctic, never to look back.

Now, years later, Kasper has managed to make a living out of his biggest interest: the great outdoors and guiding! This has given him the opportunity to work and live different places in the polar regions.

Kasper has lived with Inuits in the north of Greenland, with the Sapmi reindeer herders of northern Scandinavia, and in the Norwegian settlement of Longyearbyen in Svalbard. During his years of guiding he has been taking on a variety of activities including sailing, kayaking, all kinds of skiing, snowmobiling, and dogsledding. Strongest is his love for dogsledding—he spent four years working with Alaskan huskies living the dog mushing lifestyle.

Today Kasper is an experienced full-time Arctic guide with a university education as Arctic nature guide, and he logs more than 100 field days and tent nights in high Arctic winter landscapes each year. Kasper is a highly practical person with a wide range of skills for safe travel in the Arctic among glaciers, sea ice, open water, and so on.

He is a true generalist with a burning passion for the cold, isolated places on the planet, both because of the stunning beauty, but also because of the rich natural and cultural history that is found here, among ice and rock. Today Kasper lives together with his Alaskan huskies in Oslo, Norway, his first time in ten years south of the Arctic Circle.