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Kayvon Malek

In 2011 Kayvon’s life changed when he took his first breath underwater. After signing up for a SCUBA course on a whim while studying at the University of California, Santa Cruz he soon shifted his major and focus in life. He graduated in 2015 after studying Environmental Studies and Biology, focusing on marine conservation. By that time, he was an AAUS certified Scientific Diver aiding in field research, a NAUI Divemaster, and had begun working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium sharing the wonder of the ocean that captivated him four years prior.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Kayvon continued working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as both an employee and volunteer. There his responsibilities were wide ranging, taking children with disabilities SCUBA diving in a semi-enclosed exhibit, completing day-to-day work as an exhibit diver, sharing information about animals to guests as a feeding show diver, and tending surface supplied dives are just a few examples. Kayvon also assists in field work at UC-Santa Cruz and with other organizations as a research diver for various work- obtaining fish samples, setting up experiment apparatuses, or taking salinity and sediment samples.

As an Undersea Specialist with Lindblad since 2017, Kayvon has been fortunate enough to share ocean ecosystems from Alaska to Antarctica. There is nothing he loves more than being able to explore a new dive site and bring back footage showcasing unique organisms and behaviors in a remote location. Whether it be by showing others the ocean firsthand through diving and snorkeling, or by presenting his underwater photography and videography, he views his role onboard as an invaluable tool to present the beauty and wonder of a world that is often out of view and reach. Since that first dip beneath the kelp forests of the Monterey Bay, Kayvon’s passion has been to inspire others about the world’s oceans and marine life. He hopes to do the same onboard, and that doing so will foster a desire to understand, appreciate, and protect our underwater world.