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Kristian Gillies

Kristian Gillies is an Expedition Guide, Wildlife Ecologist and Photographer based on Vancouver Island, B.C. Growing up on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales in Australia, Kristian was immersed in the ocean and surrounding seascapes from a young age, quickly developing a passion for surfing. Spending every spare minute in the ocean, Kristian quickly found an interest in its inhabitants, leading him to study Conservation Biology at the University of Wollongong.

After graduating in July 2016, Kristian moved to California where he undertook an internship studying Blue Whales. This internship was where he developed an interest in marine mammal biology, and before he knew it, he was living on Vancouver Island, working as a Marine Biologist, and spending his days on the water photographing killer whales. After two successful seasons studying killer whales, Kristian made the move to wildlife ecology, finding an interest in ornithology. With a desire to combine his two fields of interest, Kristian now works as an expedition guide, travelling to some of the planet's most remote destinations and sharing his passion for its inhabitants as he goes.

My upcoming expeditions

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Nov 10 2024
Nov 20 2024
Nov 30 2024