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Lauren Buchholz

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Lauren’s wanderlust has taken her from the Appalachians to the Rockies to the Southern Alps.

Her passion for conservation and the great outdoors fueled her early career as a naturalist at Sequoia National Park. After graduating with a degree in environmental writing, Lauren joined Colorado Parks and Wildlife and moved to Gunnison to serve the southwest part of the state. She spent almost two years exploring and engaging with communities in this rugged region and enjoyed fringe benefits like wrangling pronghorn antelope and tagging mountain lion cubs.

In 2013, Lauren took a four-month solo road trip around New Zealand and left her heart in the country. She later returned to work for the Department of Conservation, where she has dedicated her time to protecting some of the country’s most endearing and threatened species. If you’ve wondered what it’s like to hold a kiwi, where to find the world’s only alpine parrot, or what makes a wrybill unique, pay her a visit. Lauren now divides her time between the western U.S. and New Zealand, or as it’s known locally, the "Land of the Long White Cloud".

Lauren’s work has appeared in publications such as Outdoor Photographer and Landscape Photography Magazine. She looks forward to visiting some of the world’s most incredible destinations with her fellow teammates and guests of Lindblad Expeditions, and she’s keen to share her photography passion and experience to help make your journey even more memorable.

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