Special Guest Speaker

Lawrence Blair

Dr. Lawrence Blair is an expert on the culture, geography and zoology of Indonesia, with many years experience as a media communicator.  He has spent much of the past three decades exploring and making films in Indonesia.  In 2006 he wrote and presented, for Sky TV UK, the five-part series Myths, Magic and Monsters, which explores the stranger sides of both nature and the human mind.  He is also the writer, presenter and co-producer (with his late brother, Lorne) of the internationally acclaimed series Ring of Fire, (PBS in the States, and BBC in the UK) which won two Emmy awards in 1988.

In addition to having been Visiting Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Southern California, Dr. Blair has also been writer, field-producer and presenter on such Omnimax/Eyemax feature documentaries as Baraka and Ring of Fire–Volcanoes of the Pacific Rim.  Blair’s most recent film, completed in 2010, is Bali–Island of the Dogs, which won the Best Overall Film Award at the Balinale International Film Festival in 2011.