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Magnus Forsberg

Magnus was born in Sweden. Although he was formally educated in mathematics and physics at Goteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology at Goteborg, Magnus soon returned to his first love — nature. His interest in nature conservation, the environment, and history, led him to work as a warden for a nature sanctuary and bird observatory from 1976 to 1994. Among Magnus' many areas of study, he led an unprecedented eight-year project on raptor breeding while there.

In 1990, Magnus started heading the second largest wetland restoration in Sweden - Getteron Wetland Sanctuary - sponsored by World Wildlife Foundation and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. One of the finest bird sanctuaries in all Scandinavia, Getteron Wetland Sanctuary is home to some 170 species of birds, and more than 320 different species stop there regularly during migrations.

In 1993 he led the Bird Life International campaign, an effort to call attention to endangered bird migrations because of hunting practices along the Mediterranean Sea, especially Malta. Magnus has traveled a great deal, leading trips to North Africa, Middle East, Siberia, Central Asia, and Svalbard. He represented the Swedish Ornithological Society in Latvia in 1993 at the first World Congress on the black stork. Magnus has been with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic since 1995, including voyages to Sweden, the Arctic, throughout Europe, and Antarctica, and he cherishes the opportunity to share his knowledge, and love, of birds with fellow travelers.