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Mairi Fenton

Mairi is a marine scientist and expedition guide from the Highlands of Scotland. She has a passion for nature and being outdoors, whether on or under the water or up a mountain. Mairi’s research has taken her all over the world – from the tropical waters of Thailand to three years spent living on a research station in Antarctica. She loves to explore and has guided expeditions in Greenland, driven from Scotland to Mongolia (and back!), climbed mountains in Nepal and worked with Inuit hunters on the sea ice in Arctic Canada. She is an ardent advocate for the mental health benefits of spending time in nature, with a personal motto of ‘you never regret a swim’!

Mairi is currently studying for a PhD in fisheries conservation in her native Scotland and is enjoying exploring the added social dimensions that fisheries science includes.

My upcoming expeditions

Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent

Nov 10 2024
Nov 20 2024
Nov 30 2024