Assistant Expedition Leader

Mara Marski

As a small child, Mara’s introduction to nature was a rather abrupt one. Her parents moved her from the hustle and bustle of Chicago to the rural mountain meandering of the Colorado Rockies where she formed a tenuous but ultimately rewarding relationship with the great outdoors.

Mara graduated from the University of Colorado after a detour in Paris and then decided to give city living a try. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dream of working in the entertainment industry but during this endeavor, discovered many pursuits that better suited her temperament. She began working for a travel writer and later for a small publishing company.

While living in California, Mara began traveling for work and for pleasure and fell immediately and irrevocably in love with experiencing and conserving the great wonders the world has to offer. After nearly a decade in Los Angeles and a pivot that still baffles her father, she discovered her heart belonged not to the city, but to the most wild and isolated places she could find. She followed this passion to Antarctica and has worked for the United States Antarctic Program since 2019. She most recently completed a full-year deployment at McMurdo Station.

She is thrilled to join the Lindblad-National Geographic team and to participate in introducing others to and protecting all the beauty the world has to offer.