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Megan Case

Megan is a proud Inuk who hails from Kugluktuk, Nunavut. She has spent time living in communities across Nunavut including Chesterfield Inlet (Hudson Bay), Pond Inlet (Baffin Island), Cambridge Bay (Victoria Island) and Rankin Inlet (Hudson Bay). She currently lives in Nunavut’s capital city – Iqaluit. Ever since she was a young girl Megan has felt a deep passion for teaching. Having been inspired by great teachers during her school years she is now entering the final stages of her studies in the Nunavut Teacher Education Program (NTEP) which operates through a partnership between Memorial University (Newfoundland) and Nunavut Arctic College. Her goal is to qualify as a teacher and return to the classroom and teach six to eight year-olds (grade 2-4) in Nunavut.
Megan’s enthusiasm for teaching and learning extends beyond the classroom. Prior to her current studies she also served as a Junior Canadian Ranger (a youth program led by the Department of Defense) and in 2019 was selected to be part of Nalunaiqsijjit – Inuit Cruise Training Initiative where she received training in skills ranging from polar bear management to marine safety.
When not exploring the wilderness on expedition voyages Megan works as a Finance and Relocation officer in the Department of Education for the Government of Nunavut. She is free-spirited, always has a positive attitude and an open mind, loves getting to know new people, enjoys reading and hiking, and has a deep appreciation for the arts (painting, drawing, literature, music and theatre).
Megan’s advice for travelers visiting Nunavut is: stay open-minded and try your best to avoid the infamous Arctic mosquitos!