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Melina Pelzmajer

Growing up near the Argentinian Andes, gave Melina the chance to discover her passion for nature since she was quite young. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, she was lucky to travel around the country during her childhood. Intrigued about the magnificent volcanoes and landscapes, she studied Geological Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, which gave her the opportunity to conduct field surveys all along the country, especially in Patagonia. Melina then started to work for the Antarctic Institute of Argentina as a researcher at the Geology Department. Her main interest and research areas were landscape dynamics and evolution, geomorphology, climate change and environmental geology.

Melina was lucky to participate in a number of field campaigns in extremely remote areas, camping, embarked and in research stations, which also gave her the opportunity to meet and work with people of different countries and disciplines. She also worked in renewables energies, as a part of a team currently researching to start a geothermal project in Tierra del Fuego. She considers travelling and sharing the experiences among each other is the best way to spread awareness and passion for the surrounding nature.

My upcoming expeditions

Wild Iceland Escape

Jul 27 2024