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Myriam Casper

Myriam was born as an international person. Born in France, grew up in Brazil, formed between Portugal and England and find her professional path in Vancouver B.C. where she has lived for the last twenty years.  Each country inspired Myriam in different areas. 


From years spent amid the vibrancy and drama of Brazil her approach to photograph people and to become part of their own lives come very naturally, making lifestyle and humanity her strongest topics for storytelling. Influenced by the vibrant culture of Lisbon and all its myriad aspect, Myriam creates a series of documentaries from the passion of Fado - a musical lament for lost love to the tasty wine from Alentejo, the South of Portugal and various Portuguese luminaries from the Art World later to be broadcasted in Canada at the Multicultural TV Channel M.

While in England Myriam developed an incredible passion for B&W photography and hand printing in the darkroom, success brought her work at most prestigious galleries in Stamford and the North Side of London.  And finally, Oh Canada! British Columbia’s nature and wildlife became a great fascination inspiring Myriam to explore and photograph more of the natural world. 

When not traveling, Myriam divides her time teaching Photography and Film Editing at the Vancouver Film School and working on independent documentary projects focusing on the marine mammals rescue in British Columbia, First Nation communities living remotely in the land of their ancestors, and about the wildlife management program in the airports of Canada.

Myriam has been traveling the seven continents and fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.