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Ozro Hamblin

Hailing from northeastern Utah, Oz spent most of his childhood roaming natural history museums, state and national parks, and wild places throughout North America. Growing up with a park ranger and paleontologist for a father definitely had its perks. Tagging along with his father as he traveled to other state parks to give lectures on geology, paleontology, and other natural history topics are some of his favorite childhood memories.

After spending nearly a decade with the military, Oz spread his wings traveling to every continent for work, education, and exploration. Soon after separating from the military, Oz found himself at the bottom of the world working for the US Antarctic Program where he spent time at McMurdo station, South Pole, and on the Polar Plateau supporting the AGAP project which mapped Gamburtsev Mountain Range under nearly two miles of ice. Over the last two decades Oz has been fortunate to live in Africa, Antarctica, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. His work across the globe has included conservation, sustainability, and international development. Oz has worked in many capacities taking on the roles of park ranger, wilderness guide, conservationist, environment protection specialist, and sustainability management.

Currently, Oz lives much of the year in Europe exploring the relics of the past. He loves exploring nature with others and sharing his passion for the environment.

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