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Ramiro Adrian

Ramiro is Ecuadorian, born in the highlands and raised by the sea. Growing up in the Galapagos was for him an opportunity to learn from up close the importance of understanding and respecting all forms of life. He started his studies in biology and environmental studies in San Cristobal were he has lived half his life, to later on travel to Australia on a scholarship to continue his degree. He specialized in environmental communication and conservation.

Most of his experience comes from working for the Galapagos National Park as technical support and project developer. Ramiro worked and contributed with many conservation organizations in projects related to sea lion and shark protection, mangrove restoration, monitoring marine bird nesting, control of introduced species and local education programs. 

Ramiro started studying photography in Quito, taking courses on digital and analog photography which inspired him to link this art with Environmental Communication studies. He took several specialized classes on underwater footage in the barrier reef in Australia. Ramiro also worked with the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve in mainland Ecuador in collaboration with conservation programs. From early on his studies, Ramiro became a passionate photographer who understands that conservation, communication and photography work very well toghether. The belief that photography can bring awareness and love for nature, which turns in powerful messages for education is what inspires Ramiro to capturing and sharing moments in the field.