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Ramiro Adrian

Raised barefooted in Galapagos and inspired by sea lions and many other forms of life, Ramiro started his studies in biology and environmental studies in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, capital of the archipelago, and later continued his degree on the east coast of Australia. He specialized in Environmental Communication and Conservation.

Most of his experience comes from work with the Galapagos National Park Service as technical support and project developer. Ramiro worked and contributed with many local conservation organizations in projects related to mangrove restoration, sea lion and shark protection, monitoring of marine bird nesting, control of introduced species and local communication and education campaigns.

Passion for, and commitment to, the protection of nature and its wonders are the main reasons driving Ramiro to travel around the Galapagos and partner with a dedicated team working at inspiring visitors to know and care about the islands. The belief and understanding that conservation and love for nature can only be achieved through communication and education, makes the opportunity for sharing and asking questions, welcomed at all times!