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Sebastian Abad

Sebastian was born in the enchanted land of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and has spent his life between the two opposite environments of a large, bustling city and a remote island paradise.

Sebastian is currently developing his technical formation in Biomedical Engineering in Guayaquil city, the biggest city of the country, and in his spare time he spends half of the year in his beloved archipelago. In Galapagos, he finds a place where his two passions come up together, his admiration for science and the opportunity to share the beauty of the Enchanted Islands with the world. He is also a man who discovers the world and enjoys meeting new cultures and languages. His latest big trip involved establishing himself for a year in the heart of Europe, Germany, to master his third language and roam around that beautiful continent. This experience has enriched his understanding of the world in a social and professional way, giving him a wide perspective for the modern society.

He is a person who is always looking for new challenges and constant personal and professional growth. With his open mind, spirit and friendly personality he is able to stablish a connection with anyone no matter where they come from.