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Sofia Merino

Ana Sofia Merino was born in the metropolis of Guadalajara but raised in Zacatecas, a small city in north-central Mexico. Part of an adventurous family that loved traveling and being close to the ocean, Sofia spent almost every vacation as a young girl on Mexico's Pacific coast. 

Her dream was to study marine life, specifically whales. She moved to Baja California to enroll in the marine biology program at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur. Since then, Sofia has balanced her passion for the ocean in two arenas: research and guiding. As a researcher, she pursued her bachelor's thesis in blue whale acoustics. In pursuit of her passion for guiding, she leads natural history and whale watching expeditions in Baja's La Paz Bay and San Ignacio Lagoon.

When she isn't working, Sofía loves traveling with her family and planning new adventures, especially on the Mexican coast. She also enjoys hiking and snorkeling with friends on the rocky coasts and coral reefs around La Paz.