Assistant Expedition Leader

Stella Bohnert

Stella has called many exotic locations—from New York City to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, to Okoboji, Iowa—home. A childhood in Seattle instilled in her a great love of drizzle, while three years living in Mexico after high school honed her Spanish skills. She spent several years flying with the U.S. military around the world and back again as a flight attendant for a small charter airline. Living and working on board expedition vessels was a natural choice for Stella’s migratory instinct, and wrangling expedition logistics fits her profound love for color-coding and VHF radio.

As are most of us, Stella is a distillation of her parents’ eccentricities. Her father was a chiropractor, and her mother was one of Seattle’s first female nightclub DJs. Stella loves road trips, street tacos, the smell of warm rain on asphalt, summers in Montana, and pretending to speak languages she understands only nominally. She is an excellent speller and a certified translator, and she has been to more than 30 countries over the past two decades. 

Being on board Lindblad vessels has allowed Stella to thrive as part of a quirky expedition team and have profound interactions with nature, such as watching charismatic whales from the bow and scraping barnacles from the stern. The charcuterie board during cocktail hour is a solid bonus as well! She knows—or can find out—the answer to any question you might have about shipboard operations, so feel free to test her knowledge.