Wellness Specialist

Stephanie Roussos

For most of her life, Stephanie felt most comfortable on two wheels. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a degree in Exercise Science she spent 10 years as a competitive bicycle racer, finishing ninth in the National Road race in 1990 and competing in the 17 stage Ore-Ida women’s challenge, the longest bike race ever held for women.

After graduating from the Massage Institute of New England, her love of bike racing led to a 20 year career as a massage therapist and soigneur for professional bike racing teams. Traveling to every continent except Antarctica and working with some of the best bike racers in the world.

Recently she has switched from two wheels to two feet, hiking and backpacking throughout New England, where she can indulge her latest hobby, foraging for wild edibles.

Between traveling to bike race, she also maintained her own practice in downtown Boston and is well versed in sports massage. While working on the NG Orion in 2019, she was finally able to cross Antarctica off her list of continents visited.