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Tyler Moses

Tyler is a filmmaker from Sarasota, Florida. When he’s not making his films, you can spot him playing sports and chasing sunsets by paddle board on the beautiful coast of Florida with his friends. From an early age, he has always been fascinated with the lesser-known parts of the world. His lifetime of curiosity has sent him searching out the creatures and locations that most would avoid. Tyler has the desire to share the natural beauty around us making captivating visual stories. He has a real passion for landscape and wildlife. He has unique experience working with many world-renowned studios, television shows as well as creating and producing his own web series on YouTube. Working on projects around the world has led him to connect with many people, locations and cultures that have created lifelong memories. In addition, he is the founder of a coaching and consulting business that helps companies create high-earning content for their brands. Tyler is also engaged with building communities through video partnerships, empowering youth, and communities to tell their own stories. His vision is to have a real impact on the way we see the natural world by bringing nature closer to us through film.