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Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown was born on the island of Freeport, Grand Bahama in the Bahamas but travelled north to Nova Scotia and then Norway to complete her Bachelor of Science in Biology. After her studies, Zoe returned to the Bahamas and found her passion in conservation and resilience in low-lying tropical regions. She hopes to combine social science and conservation to understand the threats facing small island developing states, like the Bahamas, and develop nature-based solutions to these issues.

Zoe has diverse experience in the realms of environmental science and biology: She has published research related to marine plastic pollution, worked on a study aiming to understand Bahamian perceptions of Climate Change, and worked at the Bahamas National Trust to learn about her country’s natural history.

Zoe is currently working on a National Geographic funded project investigating the relationship between COVID-19 and subsistence fisheries in the Bahamas and its implication for small island resilience. Based at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, she also works to educate others on the value of Bahamian plant biodiversity, while also actively restoring degraded coastal ecosystems.