Conservation matters. Together with the National Geographic Society and shipboard travelers, Lindblad Expeditions cares deeply about making a positive impact in the places they explore. Together with their guests, Lindblad supports projects that protect wildlife, engage communities, and promote locally-driven solutions to marine and coastal challenges. From supporting ocean-focused programs such as the National Geographic Pristine Seas project, which seeks to inspire the creation of marine protected areas, to giving the next generation of conservation heroes a chance to lead compelling field-based projects, Lindblad cares about the planet and gives travelers an opportunity to be inspired and join efforts to make a difference.

An active partner in Galápagos conservation for 50+ years

Positively impacting the places they explore is in the DNA of Lindblad Expeditions, starting with Lars-Eric Lindblad playing an active role in conservation efforts in Galápagos in the 1960s. Since then, Lindblad guests have contributed more than $9.3 million to regional organizations such as the Charles Darwin Foundation, which has worked for six decades to protect this unique archipelago and ensure its pristine ecosystems and incredible biodiversity will continue to thrive for generations to come.

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Why whale research in Alaska is so important

As the director of the Alaska Whale Foundation (AWF), Andy Szabo studies the fascinating cultural behaviors of humpbacks in Southeast Alaska—and oversees critical research that’s helping to better understand and protect the health of this very special population. Thanks to a longtime, exclusive partnership between Lindblad Expeditions and AWF, he regularly comes aboard our ships in Alaska to share his latest findings and observe whales alongside our guests. Andy recently took time out to share some of his best whale wisdom.

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