• Does Lindblad Expeditions have still images and video that I can use with my story?

    Lindblad Expeditions has an extensive library of high resolution images and high definition video footage available to media. These images and video may be used to promote Lindblad Expeditions for editorial use only and must include photographer copyright information.  

    For media usage, please contact [email protected]

    For travel advisors, please visit our travel advisor portal.

    For all other uses, please contact us.

  • What kind of visuals does Lindblad Expeditions have?

    Lindblad Expeditions has still imagery and video footage from our expeditions around the world, highlighting landscape, wildlife, and areas of historical and cultural importance. Lindblad Expeditions also has an extensive library of produced vignettes highlighting the places where we travel and our commitment to conservation.

    LEX Media employs an incredible cadre of photographers and videographers, many of whom have won awards for their work. Our Video Chronicle program places talented videographers onboard every voyage across the Lindblad-owned fleet, which maximizes our ability to produce dramatic and compelling video from the most striking locations both above and below water, some with accompanying sound bites from our expedition team and guests.

    For more information, please contact Patty Disken-Cahill at [email protected]

  • Does Lindblad Expeditions facilitate the work of journalists traveling onboard?

    Lindblad Expeditions has a Journalist Onboard program. To be considered for the program, journalists must have an assignment with a media outlet whose audience aligns with our target audience in key markets. Freelance journalists must have an assignment letter or form of correspondence from the editor in the outlet that the story will appear. Media rates are also available for those with editorial policies that prohibit sponsored trips. For more information please contact Patty Disken-Cahill at [email protected]

  • Does Lindblad Expeditions grant interviews with staff members?

    Interviews can be set up with staff in our New York and Seattle offices, as well as with our shipboard staff which includes Marine Biologists, Marine Mammal Experts, Geologists, Anthropologists, Scientists, Undersea Specialists and Photo Instructors. Interviews may also be arranged with Sven Lindblad, Founder of Lindblad Expeditions. For interview requests, please contact Patty Disken-Cahill at [email protected]

  • How do I obtain additional information for a story I am writing?

    For assistance with fact checking, research, story ideas and all other queries related to editorial content, please contact Patty Disken-Cahill at [email protected]