Hi! I’m Mika (that’s pronounced M-eee-ka!) and I‘m 9 years old. A few months ago, my parents and I had the chance to visit a beautiful and wild place called Baja. We saw so many amazing things like whales breaching, dolphins playing in the water around our ship, and a sky filled with hundreds of sparkling stars. One of my favorite parts was when we had a barbecue on the beach. I roasted marshmallows with one of the naturalists, but mine always caught on fire! I also took part in the National Geographic Global Explorers program and learned a lot of new things. I wanted to share some of them with you along with the photos my dad took of me on our trip. I hope you enjoy my photo diary!

Photos: David Vargas




Baja2020_Global-Explorerfin_Page_5 revise.jpg







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