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Enjoy exploring Antarctica, it’s a BIG subject


Whether you’re an armchair explorer or considering the prospect of traveling to Antarctica, we believe these materials we’ve curated for you— videos, articles, a reading list, and more—will take you further on your journey. We also invite you to explore the Antarctica section of our website where you’ll find more videos, direct-from-the-field Daily Expedition Reports, archived webinars, text, and itineraries to aid in your fantasy travels or your travel research. If questions come up along the way, don’t hesitate to contact an Expedition Specialist, they’re happy to answer. Into the ice!



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Exploring & Discovering

What happens in Antarctica?

For anyone who’s ever wondered how a person, who isn’t a scientist engaged in research, spends their time in Antarctica—here’s a partial answer

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Interesting Books

What are the best books for my interests?

From scientific slants on the White Continent and climate change, to adventurous tales of the Heroic Age, our list meets varied interests

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Penguin Species

Can you identify Antarctica’s penguin species?

The Southern Ocean is the place to not only observe eight species, but to also spend time among them, seeing all manner of (often amusing) behavior

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Considering Travel

The decision to travel to Antarctica isn’t made lightly

This guide helps by outlining the key considerations you need to make, and the questions to ask to ensure safety & an optimal experience

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ice shelf

Antarctica in Action

When it comes to the ice, seeing is believing

From wildlife to big ice, Antarctica dazzles the eyes, all the senses really, so this selection of videos previews all there is to see, do and learn

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Know Antarctica?

You might find a few of these facts surprising

Extraordinary beauty, incredible icescapes, and heroic history—most people know to expect that from Antarctica, but there are other surprising facets, too

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Ready to Go?

Here’s a look at what traveling with us adds to the experience

Our brochure is currently only available digitally, but our physical brochures are really quite satisfying to browse, so sign up for future mail if interested

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