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Akureyri to Husavik, Iceland

David Pickar, Video Chronicler, July 2019

  • Daily Expedition Reports
  • 21 Jul 2019

Akureyri to Husavik, Iceland

  • Aboard the National Geographic Explorer
  • Arctic
We spent a wonderful evening and night docked in the town of Akureyri. Then, early this morning, disembarked National Geographic Explorer . We loaded some buses and departed in different directions. Some guests chose to learn about the fantastic geology of Iceland, others to look for more birds to add to their life-lists, and others enjoyed a more relaxed day with some swimming. In general, all groups experienced the geology, because the incredible geology of Iceland is very present everywhere we go. We walked by the powerful waterfalls of Godafoss (“Of the gods”), visited fields of bubbling mud and sulfurous steam coming out of the ground, and meandered through foothills of recently solidified lava. A common story in Iceland is that the huge clusters of oddly shaped lava were created by giant elves. According to the story, one night the elves celebrated so intensely that they lost track of the upcoming day and, once hit by the light, they solidified into these giant rock formations. Another great day in the land of ice and fire!

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