Talofa (Greetings) from Apia, Samoa! Today, our grand ship National Geographic Orion slipped into Apia Harbour on Upolu Island in Samoa, previously known as Western Samoa. To our surprise, we were met by local dancers to welcome us to their shore.

Today’s activities were based on getting up close and personal with Samoan culture and the country’s history and its flora and fauna. Guests were divided into groups of their choosing for the afternoon. One group went on a nature and bird walk, finishing up at the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. Another group took in the cultural village, also ending up at the museum. Afterwards, all guests were taken to the local market where they experienced Samoan market life. Guests purchased crafts and clothing and had the chance to sample local foods.

Everyone absolutely enjoyed this brief visit to Apia, Samoa, and many vowed to come back again.