We were woken up by expedition leader Russ Evans with the words, “Whales have been spotted! Dress warm and come join us on the outer decks!” The Navigational Officer expertly held the ship in position for all to see a pod of humpback whales feeding in the early morning light. We were all able to photograph these incredible animals and take ID shots of their flukes for Happy Whale, our citizen science project.

After an amazing morning whale watching, we continued deeper into the Westfjords for an afternoon excursion at the iconic cascading falls of the Dynjandi Waterfall, also known as Fjallfoss.

We stopped 3.5 miles from the waterfall to drop off a group of guests interested in a longer hike. They were greeted by eider ducks and black guillemots. National Geographic Endurance then proceeded farther into the fjord, where the rest of our guests and staff went ashore to photograph and explore the falls.