At Sea aboard Sea Cloud

Massimo Bassano, National Geographic Photographer

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  • 28 Jun 2019

At Sea aboard Sea Cloud, 6/28/2019, Sea Cloud

  • Aboard the Sea Cloud
  • Mediterranean aboard Sea Cloud

Guests enjoyed a special day of sailing, beginning with the setting of the spanker sail over the starboard rail in a maneuver that requires the assistance of all three mast teams. When Sea Cloud was revived in 1979, the spanker boom had to be raised, so this is not an easy or common maneuver. We then were able to put the ship’s Zodiacs down in the open Ionian Sea for the opportunity to ride around Sea Cloud under full sail to see and photograph her in all her glory! And to highlight a full day of sailing, Captain Komakin allowed a little bit of guest participation in the striking of the sails, which also proved to be a great spectator sport. We finished the day with a passionate talk on the history of the legendary ship.

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