On our third day at sea, we continued our sail to Tristan da Cunha. The swells and winds of the past few days have calmed, and the sun is shining. As we sail into the South Atlantic subtropical high, today was significantly warmer on deck.

The morning began with an interesting presentation on seafloor mapping by naturalist Kelly! Technology has come a long way since Marie Tharp’s cartography work of the Atlantic Ridge, and scientists can map the floor with incredible detail.

Today was truly a peaceful, relaxing day. As we continue our northward journey, the winds are calming, and wandering albatrosses slipstream alongside the ship. New birds are appearing, including the speckled petrel. These birds soar just below the outside decks of National Geographic Explorer.

Before lunch, National Geographic writer Andrew Evans presented the fabulous presentation, “Folklore of The Albatross.” His images were so beautiful. Someone was overheard saying they wanted to rush out to buy the book!

The weather continued to improve throughout the day, and we spent a lazy afternoon reading, learning to use our smartphone cameras during David’s presentation, and lounging in the sun during teatime, which included grilled sausages on the back deck! The weather was so beautiful that expedition leader Andy announced over the PA that Eduardo’s presentation on Darwin would be delayed so we could continue to enjoy the sunshine. After all, one never knows when the Atlantic weather will change…again!

The night wound down with National Geographic photographer Massimo Bossano presenting on, “Shackleton and The Yellow Magazine,” a National Geographic piece on the famed explorer.