Two wonderful days of excursions at Peninsula Valdes and Trelew offered insights into the wildlife, cultural heritage, and paleontological riches of central Patagonia. As with any expedition, a flexible mindset is beneficial as the weather can prompt itinerary changes. Upon sailing from Puerto Madryn, our next destination is not farther down the Argentinian coast as originally planned, but rather South Georgia Island far to the east. Not to worry–we’ll still visit the Falkland Islands in the final leg of our voyage!

With a following wind and sea, National Geographic Endurance provided an efficient and very comfortable passage as we transited over 1,300 nautical miles from South America to the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia. A diversity of albatrosses and petrels soared behind the ship, capitalizing on the strong breezes in our wake; several new species were added to the day’s list of sightings with growing distance offshore. Guests who braved the decks were rewarded with photo opportunities as seabirds circled nearby. Along with a shifting complement of wildlife, seawater temperatures are dropping–once cooler than ~3 degrees Celsius, we’ll officially be in the Southern Ocean.

A full slate of natural history presentations and photography workshops kept the attention of those interested in learning about earth science, seabirds, and the capabilities of the cameras on their phones. However, a day at sea also presents a chance to relax. From editing recent pictures to browsing library shelves in the Observation Lounge to enjoying a massage with the Wellness Team to working on a challenging puzzle to walking three miles of laps around Deck Eight to savoring the treats that appear at afternoon tea…all those on board found ways to enjoy the spaces and resources that make National Geographic Endurance our traveling home.